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Introduction to

Himalaya Rudraksh Kendra

This site is brought to you by a group of people who have benefited immensely from rudraksh in due course of life. They have got together to share their stories, experiences and mostly what they have learnt from them. We want to mitigate ignorance, superstition being circulated by a few suppliers / traders, who have made this holy, bead a commodity as a form of jewelry not spirituality. There are others who are selling God knows what, for a dime a dozen, in the name of rudrakshas. If only spirituality was so readily and cheaply available, wouldn't half the world become ascetic & achieve all that they desire in life? Also it hurts that those who have done so much research and study and actually understand the truth that there are people selling these beads in a form where they shall never reap the benefits they are capable of and disappoint all those who once believed in them.

Our purpose is to stop people from being cheated in the name of religion / spirituality and help them make the right decisions and get immense benefit from these magical beads which have the power to bless the wearer / worshiper with everything he desires. In this era, or kalyuga, a rudraksh is to a dis-illusioned, frustrated, over-stressed man what breath is to someone dying of suffocation.

If you want to know more about them, please do feel free to e-mail them on the addresses mentioned next to their names. They will be please to help you in any way they can. After all that's what we are all here for.

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  • Its been a nearly a year since I have bought my rudraksh beads from You. Thank you for all of your help. After wearing these rudrakshas i definitely can say, things changed with me . I was at such a financial stand still before wearing rudraksh since more than four years but still i could arrange money and decided to go ahead a try with rudraksh...Thanks to Lord shiva, Rudraksh . Now everything is going well with me, i got very good Jobs. I am able to cleared off my debts. I have steadily gained more insight, more illumination, and many revelations, and it has continued to open new doors and understandings for me. I really love the rudraksh malas bought from you . Aum Namaha Shivaye

    Rajiv - Mumbai, India
  • I purchased the Business Stability mala. Since the day ,I am wearing this almost daily. It took a little while to turn my energies properly but things started rolling. I've been doing great! I received a huge, simply huge! order from many peoples and with half the profits. My general sales have increased, It really brings more money and happiness. Its only 2 months back and since than really my business shooting up. I am happy that I choose to order from you, and I will surely order more items in the future.

    Chirag Saxsena - India
  • My first experience wearing recommended rudrakshas was incredible. Within a day, I determined that its energy was worthy of great respect. In the first several hours, I experienced a deep relaxation and fluidity within my body. After some weeks of wearing, I started noticing positive changes in my person�not just physical, but mental changes too. Nowadays I recover much faster after competitive events and workouts .I must say that it had the greatest influence in my personal and professional life .I am very glad to have find your website and your professional advices which are real treasure in my Life. May God and Goddess bless your business.

    Tapan Sharma - India
  • Just wanted to say thanks, as I have ordered many things from you since the first time when you came in Internet. There is no shop like yours who look each clients with priority, speedy reply, genuine and quality products, reasonable prices and most important to make them in wearable form free of charge. Never had a problem with delivery and the items are always intact on arrival. The items themselves are beautiful .I will be continuously ordering from you in future. Thank you.

    Ranjini Prabhakaran - India
  • Thank u so much Himalaya Rudraksh Kendra for this priceless thing. I opened it today n felt amazed to see Rudraksh. Iam going to wear it on monday morning. As a nice geature you have given 2 other Rudraksh beads which add beauty to your work. Iam gonna put those in drinking water. I appreciate you alot for your work.

    Ayushi - India
  • Thank you for the timely answers and excellent consumer support that you gave me! I recieved the package in time. It is really wonderful that you poeple are so very punctual . I would surely reccomend poeple to buy from your website . I had purchased from other vendors before and it was a lot of delay before I actually got hold of the package. Thanks again for your wonderful response and support! It is really commendable!

    Ajay - India
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